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Our vision is to be our clients’ first choice and partner!

We realize our vision by commemorating client focus in everything we do. Our realistic, comprehensive and fully integrated solutions in combination with corporate advisors and investment professionals that are knowledgeable in the cultural and regulatory complexities of each region empowers us to offer superior service by being well positioned to respond to ever-changing markets.

Our organization is distinguished as a true and value-added partner that is uniquely positioned to rapidly and efficiently accommodate a clients’ needs.

We are selective and prudent when engaged in finding solutions and we act according to strict ethical standards that are expected by our clients and associates.


Good business principles lead to a win-win scenario for all engaging in business together. We dedicate our time, talent and resources to each client and consider your goals to be our clear focus until they are realized.

The CCG Group of Companies is structured upon the foundation of good ethics and proven business practices. We combine creativity and hard work together with integrity to ensure our clients receive the best service possible. We work with a select group of professionals and partners, and custom design services to meet the strenuous demands of business financing in today’s difficult economy.

Our greatest asset is the people we have business with and that can testify of our services. We know there is no greater advertisement than the one provided from a client.

We are committed to establishing the best business relationship our clients deserve because we understand that success depends on united efforts.   With mutual interest and creativity we enable the most effective structure in our deals enabling success to make all things possible.

Our vision:                    Our vision is to be our client’s first choice and partner!

Our organization:       A truly global outlook!

Our core values:         Integrity, excellence and entrepreneurial spirit!

Our approach:            Risk-based, location-based, and structure-based.



Our companies are led by professional advisors with expert knowledge and extensive networks within their key sectors and geographic areas.

Heinz Tschudi

Heinz Tschudi is a licensed Tax, Audit and Fiduciary Expert for private companies and for public listed companies. Note that a number of individuals within our Group have similar qualifications to Mr. Heinz Tschudi.

Feruccio Comini

He is a licensed Tax and Fiduciary Expert with similar qualifications as Mr. Tschudi. His expertise, experience and advice are of great value to the company.

Rita Mlodischewski

Rita Mlodischewski holds a degree in Economics and a degree as a translator. She is specialized in IT Projects but dedicates the majority of her time to the consolidation and coordination of Group’s activities and strategies.

Martin Model

Martin Model is an Economist. He is also the CEO of a Biotech company in Switzerland. Martin’s significant expertise in corporate and project finance is complemented by his extensive and in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets and their geopolitics. He is an adviser to various investment companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Jin Suk Kim

J.S. Kim is an Economist. He is the Regional Director of CCG’s Asian operation. He is based in Seoul / South Korea, where he heads and controls an experienced team of specialists.

Ethics & Integrity

Our companies are led by professional advisors with expert knowledge and our Company’s foundation is built on our Values, which distinguish us and guides our actions.

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

We respect the laws and regulations that govern our global markets. We base our recommendations on principles of transparency and facts. We value the hard work and cultural differences that span the global markets. We have a zero tolerance of fraud and misleading information.

We uphold ourselves to the highest standards in our industry which set us apart from other companies. We deal with each client fairly and honestly. We do what we say and do it to the best of our ability.

We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our work and our actions.

We cannot provide any financial guarantee to the final outcome of our services because ultimately that is dependent upon your cooperation, your negotiation and agreement of terms from the banks and investment organizations with whom we have a long term relationship.


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